Movin’ on up

Guys. GUYS. I finally did it! I bought a .com domain!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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Please come and stalk my bookish shitposting HERE, as I will be immediately be abandoning this url like the heartless sea monster queen that I am.

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But really. I love this little blog, where I’ve been able to be as weird and nerdy about books and post as many pics of my cat as I’ve wanted to for the last seven years (SEVEN YEARS JFC) of my life. If you’ve read even one of my blogs, suffering through the alliteration and the gifs and the weird mix of pretentious English lit language and Scarborough/Oshawa-kid slang, thank you. You’re probably as crazy as I am, and we crazy bibiliophiles gotta stick together.

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Well, I guess this is it. So long, 96eustonroad. I’ll miss you, you golden old girl.

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xo, R

No one cares, Librarian… except me ♥